DIY Pressed Flowers – Dried Flower

Hello, even tho some of you guys are starting your day because of new normal and not doing quarantine anymore, to be honest Im not. Im still doing my quarantine and still trying to comfort myself. There are so many things that I learned doing the Quarantine Days or Year. LOL you can see it through my Instagram @sheisparama .. Nothing much, but its still becoming my achievement, at least to be more creative.

The idea of Pressed Flower is coming from a long long time ago, when I was kid. I saw my mom did that and it turns out pretty.. And today I try to re-make it..

It starts with some fresh flowers I got from my family ❤ Because of my special day.. I passed my final exam and I got new degree now🙏 Praise The Lord. Hmm okay back to topic. I want to make the flowers last longer. But if I make it dry in a hand boquette they will turn rotten.

So I decided to make it dry …

Petals I got from flower boquette

Some pressed flowers artist are doing perfectly. There are some methods to pressed the flower. 1) press it with heavy books; 2) press it with heat – a) by microwave, b) with iron.

Because I don’t have microwave, so I decided to use iron. But… The pretals became dry and color changed. I gave up at that time. Because even every thing looks so easy, I failed.

But, I remember..

Nothing in this world… Mmm no wait.. What is it.. Yeah “Nothing worth having come so easy”

That sentence brighten up my mind. No problem if its hard, maybe its mean to be hard, but its all worth it.

Then, I start to see the petals, see the cells, the color-changed, and the way it changes to become fragile. It reminds me about memory. The older it gets the more fragile it becomes. And all of that pressed flower ideas is not about the perfection but, the point is to make memory last longer, to remind us about apreciation, about attention, and nothing is forever.

Because I have try to iron I try to use conventional way using books. Even tho some of them are rotten in my book, but its okay.

Some of them are becoming yellowish hue or browns, symbol of warmth heart. But some of them are still keepomg their true color.

I have a video of me trying to arrange all the petals, you can watch it on my Instagram account @sheisparama

This is my way to appreciate God gift for me. The way He lets me find my solitude. I hope things will get better and we can pursue anything we want.

Thank you dan peluk kencang untuk kalian semua 😁




Things I Try – Strawpinna

Whenever I start to feel bored in the moment I open my eyes even tho Im just sleeping, I always try to Draw. I draw everything I see, or everything on Pinterest. Im not good at drawing but at least I try. I try to learn from step by step by a very talented artist on Pinterest. Thanks.


They Just

I know, we all have that kind of words everytime something cruel just happened. We becoming ungrateful, abstain, and angry. And for some reason our fellow will say “They Just…. bla bla bla”

The question is, Do they really “just” or they really “are”

I always believe that human is kind, We always have an instinct to protect others. The protective instinct itself is good but we don’t really understand how to deliver it to the others. some of us barely forget the point and deliver what we want to say. although it’s hurt. When we realized that the situation is cruel, maybe we can try to make it a lil bit clear. We can try to turn the lamp on than try to set a fire. We can make something cold becoming warm in place of burn it. We can say something nice, positive, wise (push ourself) than to say bad thing. When we say bad thing, the message conveyed may our bad word. The way we can’t appreciate people and yeah all the bad thing about us.

so from now on, we can try to speak something nice especially when others feel messed up.